Austria Tips:::

Austria :::
  • Currency in Greece is the Euro. Convert your currency here: www.xe.com/ucc
  • I exchanged money while in Greece but ATM’s are also available.
  • I used Matt Barrett’s Greece website for my travel information. There was more information than I needed and it aided in the success of my trip.www.greektravel.com 
  • Ferry tickets can be purchased at the ports. I booked the ferries online and picked up my tickets at the Pireaus Port kiosk. Below are a couple of links for sites that I used to book ferries: www.hellenicseaways.gr/index.asp?a_id=219 or www.bluestarferries.gr/site/content.asp?sel=616&loc=2 or 
  • I booked some domestic flights. Here are a couple of links to domestic carriers: www.aegeanair.com/ or www.olympicairlines.com/ 
  • Buses are easy and convenient to take. Standard taxi fares to and from tourist stops were posted at many taxi stands.
  • Athens
  • Attalos Hotel is conveniently located a block from the Monistiraki metro stop and close to many areas of interest.   T he hotel has a rooftop bar with a view of the Parthenon.  T he elevator is small and the rooms are great for a quick stay.  www.attaloshotel.com/
  • The metro was clean and very easy to use. We used the metro to get to and from the airport and Pireaus Port. www.athensguide.com/metromap.html 
  • The section called Psiri is great for nightlife. There are streets lined with restaurants and bars and mobbed with people. This was conveniently located a block from our hotel.
  • The Plaka is a section loaded with hotels. The restaurant hosts are standing outside and can be very persistent that you come into their restaurant. 
  • Pireaus Port is a mainland port used to take ferries to most islands. The port is easily accessible by the metro.
  • Here is a basic Athens map including the sections: www.athensguide.com/map/athens.htm
  • Acropolis is a must see although the walk is steep and it is very overcrowded. We walked in the general direction of the Acropolis and eventually found signs pointing the way.
  • Sintagma Square is where the Parliament is located. Every hour there is a changing of the guards. The changing is very entertaining and shouldn’t be missed.
  • The Botanical Gardens are behind the Parliament.
  • Mykonos
  • Vencia Hotel has a perfect view of Mykonos Town. The rooms are newly refinished and super clean. The walk into town was less than five minutes but is a steep walk. Fresh breakfast of meats, cheeses, breads, cereal, juices, and coffee are served on a veranda with a view of Mykonos Town and the ocean. The pool was freezing. www.vencia.gr/
  • Little Venice is an area by the water with many restaurants and occasionally a pelican.
  • The small walkways of Mykonos Town are very difficult to navigate at first but will get easier as you get to know the area. Often you won’t find what you are looking for until you are standing right in front of it, even a loud bar or nightclub. Perhaps this map will be helpful. www.mykonos-web.com/mykonos/images/mapbig_town.jpg 
  • There is an interesting and kind of pretty cemetery in town.
  • Mykonos windmills are all around town.
  • Paradise Beach was listed as an exciting beach. There are nice beach chairs under umbrellas but there is a fee for these chairs. The beach wear is strange, skimpy, and sometimes kinky. Some very entertaining beach parties are hosted around the bar.
  • Island of Delos is a boat ride away from Mykonos. The island is filled with ruins and statues. There is a lot to see, it may be helpful to get hold of a good map before going. 
  • Reinthaler on Dorotheer Gasse
  • Smutney on Elisabeth Strasse
  • Sacher Café, we did not have the chance to eat here. The lines to get in are very long in this famous café but the cakes looked great.
  • Have a late night snack at a sausage stand.