Austria Tips:::

Austria :::
  • Austria’s currency is the Euro. Using an ATM machine is a great way to get cash. Convert your currency here: http://www.xe.com/ucc/
  • Pancake soup is not a fluffy buttermilk pancake floating in broth. If you see it on the menu try the pancake soup. I had it every time I saw it on the menu and was never disappointed.
  • Every meal we had was fantastic. Ask locals for their opinions on the best restaurants.
  • The people that we encountered were friendly and helpful
  • To receive free brochures and information for Austria, check this site: www.austria.info/
  • Vienna is beautiful for the Christmas and New Year holiday season. We were there a few days before New Years. The main streets were streaming with festive decorations and lights. Although cold, the festive aura and warmth of the café’s and restaurants make this a perfect time to visit. 
  • We stayed at the Hotel Capricorno. It was located right on the Ringstrasse and was a few steps from the Schwedenplatz U stop and a 5 minute walk to the Stephensplatz. capricorno.schick-hotels.com
  • The Ubahn is the subway system for Vienna. It was easy to use and clean. Get familiar with the U: viennaunderground.eu/
  • Schonbrunn Palace is the birthplace of Versailles’s Marie Antoinette and is worth a visit. Take the Ubahn at the Schotten-ring U and take the U4 to Schonbrunn. We exited the Ubahn and went right, then made a right at the corner. The palace was on the left. We took the Palace Grand Tour.
  • Hofburg Imperial Palace on the Heldenplatz
  • Kaisergruft Imperial Burial Vault for members of the Royal Schonbrun Palace. This was not the usual site, a little morbid, but a lot of fun.
  • The Belvedere is a museum. The building and grounds are nicely kept. Take the U1 to Reumannplatz.
  • Kunsthaus Wein is an art building that has a restaurant and gift shop inside. It is worth a stop just to view the outside of the building.
  • Haus der Musik is an interactive museum. This looked like a children’s museum
  • Reinthaler on Dorotheer Gasse
  • Smutney on Elisabeth Strasse
  • Sacher Café, we did not have the chance to eat here. The lines to get in are very long in this famous café but the cakes looked great.
  • Have a late night snack at a sausage stand.